Ear Crummies, Part 2

Ear Crummies, Continued

Well, the vet visit went okay.  It was a very depressing clinic though, wow!  Very dilapidated and old as heck – right down to the pee yellow paint and the depressing staff.  The doctor seemed nice though, and did notice infection in both ears.  He gave my little guy a shot of antibiotics plus a prescription that I’m giving him as well.  Sure doesn’t seem like there’s very much in those Clavomox bottles, am I right?  Goodness, it’ll barely last me the week!

I also thought it was interesting that he gave me a bottle of Ophthalmic solution to put in his ears.  He acknowledged it was for the eyes, but in our case it will work for the ear crummies as well.  It has Neomycin and Polymyxin B, and well – those sound like antibiotics, right?

My little guy is definitely looking better though, and I can tell his ear is bothering him a LOT less now.  So that’s what matters.  We’ll see what’s going on in the next week, but so far so good!


Best Sources for real website traffic

Real website traffic is what we all want, right? Of course!  Who wants to work night and day on a site only to not have any visitors?  Nobody, that’s who!  You’ve worked too hard for that disappointment.

Not all traffic is the same however.  All the real website traffic in the world means nothing, if you can’t get any of those people to actually buy anything or stick around.  It’s vital that any traffic you purchase be targeted towards people who share interest in your niche.  Do you really care to pay someone to get you 50+ year old women visitors when your site is about car stereos?  No, that may be a great cheap deal, but the traffic is most likely totally useless.

Here is a rundown on the various types of cheap and not so real website traffic available these days:

Direct Domain Site visitors – Outstanding in terms of relevance and extremely targeted supply of visitors, not very expensive as well. There are numerous services supplying these facilities. You still need buy the site visitors you get so it is a kind of Pay-per-click only less costly.

Pop under visitors – One of the most affordable forms of real website traffic. It’s not the very best unless it’s targeted.  If it’s targeted and done in a tasteful way, it can be an excellent source of real website traffic.

Pay-per-click visitors – This is not real website traffic, but it is definitely targeted.  You would pay (per click) each time someone clicks your ad.  Depending on the niche, it could be fairly pricy.  But the conversion rate would likely be superb.

Search Engine Optimization- SEO means you’re positioned high in appropriate search terms (keywords) and you’re popular with other sites.  This of course includes social network site visitors, as well as mailing list visitors that aren’t exactly free (you spend for each send) but it is your subscriber list therefore it is sort of free of charge.

Social Network Sharing – And of course the best type of real website traffic is free traffic.  That would be word of mouth via Likes, +1’s, Tweets, etc.  People tend to trust anything recommended to them by a friend.  So always remember to encourage your existing visitors to share links from your site!

You must remember that it’s not all about getting the site visitors. You can’t have something cheap when people get there. Your website has to look good and be easy to navigate – both for users and search engine crawlers – in order to boost traffic.  One of the benefits of real website traffic is that you can affordably track conversions and website stats to see what works on your website and what doesn’t.

The main thing you can do for cheap, reliable, LONG term traffic is to have a fully optimized, clean, error-free website that engages people to return many more times in the future.


Ear Crummies

Attack of the Ear Crummies!119738235 300x250 Ear Crummies

My poor cat has a bunch of ear crummies in his ear, and won’t let me touch it to clean.  Poor little guy is just shaking his head like crazy.  He’s indoor only, so I don’t know what it could be.  Half the time he’s got it half cocked like it’s broken icon sad Ear Crummies

I’m trying a Q-tip with Peroxide to clean the outer part of his ear flap, and I’m getting a lot of brown waxy stuff.  I don’t think this is a case of ear mites; I’m pretty sure those look like coffee grounds.  This is either something lodged and tickling him, or an infection.  I do see a hair sticking out, and I’m hoping that’s all it is – if he would just let me get it!  It does sound like there might be fluid in there too though, so I don’t know.  There isn’t any smell.  Just seems really itchy & irritated to him.

I keep looking around for a home remedy and I’m seeing green tea is supposed to be helpful for ear crummies, so I did that but he shook it all out.  So I guess I’ll try that again.  If anyone has green tea, ’tis me!  But it’s confusing since one site will say DON’T use Tea Tree Oil, while this one says you should.  What’s a girl to do?  I don’t think Tea Tree Oil would be a very nice thing to put down a cat’s ear, personally.  And this site’s just trying to sell me something anyway, so I trust it less.  This site looks much better.

For now I need to trim his back claws so he doesn’t scratch the heck out of himself and make it an open sore on top of whatever else is going on.

If anyone has a suggestion for ear crummies, please let me know!



Whole Olives = PITS, Ack!!

Ohhhh, when will I learn how to avoid pits in my olives? I need to stop buying “whole” olives, argh!

This is honestly the second time I’ve done this.  The first time it was Nicoise olives, and now whole olives.  I’m really surprised I haven’t cracked a tooth or three yet. The last time I really did get duped though. It said “Nicoise” style olives. What in the crazy world does that even mean? Unless you like, produce kalamata olives, how would a regular person even have a clue as to it’s meaning?

I have to say though, this jar I just didn’t pay attention. Plain and simple. It says right on there, “Whole Olives”, so I guess I was just too busy salivating about getting them into my mouth that I didn’t even notice that. UGH.  I guess it needs to say “jawbreakers inside” or something.  How sad, yet understandable… heh

20130318 195055 e1363651579268 225x300 Whole Olives = PITS, Ack!!

See? Didn’t read the fine print!

Ok, but so luckily these are at least easy to separate from the pit with my mouth. Unlike the fancy “Nicoise” style which were not even worth the amount of scraping I’d have to undertake to get the olive free from it’s pit. Plus they were much smaller and the reward just wasn’t there. Know what I mean?

When are they going to make olive purchasing safer though?  Seriously, lol  I just need something in really big print that warns (CONTAINS PITS), right?  Or how about “Caution: One Wrong Bite & You’re About To Lose a Tooth”.  Is there a label like that, for people like me?  How hard would that be, instead of all these fancy schmancy descriptions that nobody understands.

My permanent banned olive list now contains:

  • Nicoise Style
  • Whole Olives

I’m just saying! lol

Might save a few trips to the dentist if nothing else icon surprised Whole Olives = PITS, Ack!!


Y’all Ready For This?

91626487 300x200 Yall Ready For This?

Y’all ready for this?

If so, then click the link above but turn on your sound!!

LOL, I’m sorry but I can’t resist!   This song is like the best ever, and it’s perfect with my kitty friend here.  The perfect way to get this party started!!! Y’all ready for this?   I sure hope so.  Put up with my randomness & maybe you’ll get some LOL’s out of the deal, yes?

Did I not get enough sleep last night?  Because I’m goofy as ever today.  Ohhhh my gosh golly me oh my!  Guess I’m just excited to be making my first post finally!

Anyone who thinks I need to calm down and swig some Chamomile tea, just tell me in the comments.  I might listen if you’re nice about it, hehe.

So anyway, one time we were with some friends who had invited us to see their little 6 year old son graduate within his karate class.  The whole time he was just staring off into space, even picking his nose at one point – which was hilarious … watching both parents try to get his attention in hopes he would STOP it, but then both of them practically snorting with laughter at the same time, knowing it was just too funny regardless of if it could be stopped.

Anyway, they’re all lined up, and each kid gets his or her chance to show her stuff for a mini-solo deal, right?  They just go down the line and on go, the next kid does a little 30 second demonstration to show the world just how cool and deserving they are to be up there in the line to graduation.

Well, our dazed little friend’s turn came around, and this song (that you’re hopefully still listening to in the other window) was his, and BOY HOWDY did the little guy perk up when it was his turn.  We were SO not expecting that either.  Though it resembled more of a Karate demonstration meets Britney Spears dance routine, his moves were tight, and he absolutely surprised us with how fast he sprung into action at the first “Y’all Ready For This”…

I guess this is sort’ve a shout-out to that dear little Manny for providing such rich entertainment on that crazy Saturday afternoon!

“Na na na da da da da da da, na da da na da da, na da da  ……. Y’all Ready For This?”  LOLOLOL